Help support Holy Macaroni during COVID-19 lockdown

Hello, howzit, molo, and ciao, what a time we’re living in now. 3 years ago we took a leap and started our own thing. Before we knew it, we were hiring.

Our family grew and so did our appetite, to keep serving you, even when things get tight. We love you more than bacon bits. More than parmesan, we have to admit. We miss all your hungry faces, and those cheese covered braces.

Right now you’re tucked in and scrolling away at home. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We know things aren’t the norm, but we’re still going to cook up a storm. With vouchers for all things Mac and Cheese. For you, your friends and your main squeeze.

In a few weeks we’ll open our doors – A revitalized Holy Macaroni store. With hugs in a bowl and ladles of love. 7 recipes, 2 sides and a dessert that’s just sweet enough.

We’re cooking up ways to get on by, so we have vouchers for you to buy. You can redeem them whenever you like, when the lockdown is over just hop on your bike.

It’s just Mac and Cheese, what’s the fuss? The truth is, without you there is no us. Of all the things this business has taught, it is to be grateful for all your support.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You kept us going from the start. So, in a few weeks we’ll be there to surprise and delight, from intimate dinners to festive Friday nights.

For now, be safe, take care and stay healthy.

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